I will help you improve on Dota 2 for $5

1 Days On Average
help you improve on Dota 2
help you improve on Dota 2
help you improve on Dota 2
help you improve on Dota 2

About This Gig

I will review a Dota 2 replay of your choice and point out all of your errors and possible improvements.

You will get a detailed analysis in pdf form and a set of tasks that you should focus on to reach your skill goal.

I can help you or your team improve on Dota 2, I'm highly skilled in every aspect of the game.

Possible points of discussion:

  • Basic Concepts, including lane distributions, aggressive/defensive/greedy lineups and lineup tempos.
  • How to support effectively, choosing the right support, when to stack/pull and the purpose of it, rotations and the effects of them, controlling the game tempo, warding/dewarding on the right spots.
  • How to carry effectively, choosing the right carry, last hitting under heavy harass/under the tower/with free farm, farming rotations, farming the jungle, power farming, when to take fights.
  • How to mid effectively, choosing the right mid, controlling runes, to gank or not to gank, outplaying the enemy's mid and controlling the game.
  • Advanced topics such as creep aggro mechanics, correct decision making, adapting item/build according to the game/heroes in the game.

You will start seeing improvements starting from the 1st lesson, guaranteed!