I will develop Your Business Plan Innovatively

develop Your Business Plan Innovatively

About This Gig

I am an academic of a leading state university of Sri Lanka. I am teaching business plan development subject for undergraduates of the university and practicing entrepreneurs. In addition to that I am a Business Edge certified trainer. Currently I am engaging lot of practical business development interventions in Sri Lanka with practicing entrepreneurs. I will craft your plan in an innovative manner. I will guide you to identify opportunities, generate business ideas and screen business ideas to select a best one. Then I will craft your business plan in an innovative manner.
Date of submission depends on the nature and size of the business and investment. 
I have mentioned my general outline below.
1. Executive Summary
2. General Information of the Business
3. Marketing Plan
4. Operational Plan
5. Management and Administration Plan
6. Financial Plan
7. Annexure
I will discuss the requirement before start the writing process. This payment isn't applicable for the plans of large scale implementations. 

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10 days delivery


I will develop your detailed Business Plan Innovatively