I will translate and edit 400 words in Dutch or English

translate and edit 400 words in Dutch or English

About This Gig


I can't translate legal documents. This includes any official statements from courts, lawyers, divorce papers, appeals etc.

I can translate any text from English to Dutch or vice versa. I can also edit your text if it needs improvement. I will make sure the reader understands your point. Let me know if you want specific words or phrases used for SEO purposes.

Please contact me first if your order is bigger than 1 gig (400 words). Fiverr is a hobby for me, I have a fulltime job during the day. So planning is key in order to make your deadline. Please state your deadline in your request.

I can’t do rush jobs on work days.

If you're not sure how to place an order or how many gigs you need, send me a message and I will send you a custom order. 

I am experienced with texts in a variety of topics:

  • Marketing and sales 
  • website, webshop content
  • terms and conditions
  • newsletters
  • health and sports
  • fiction
  • reviews, product reports

Please note that I am not a professional/trained translator. You always need to review the text, because I might not understand the jargon of your business or the context of the document.

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

400 words

Translate 400 words English to Dutch or vice versa.

  • Up to 400 Words
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