I will heal your soul to create more love, peace, abundance

heal your soul to create more love, peace, abundance

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Description 5 minute Soul Healing Remove spirits Spiritual Coaching & Soul healing
  I will connect with your soul and spirit to heal any pain, relationships or money challenges I will read your soul and determine if there are any spirits attached and send them to the light. I will connect with your soul to heal you and then give you advice to move forward in your life.
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About This Gig

I have been doing soul healings for the past 10 years and this can only be done remotely.  I will conduct a soul healing on any body part that is causing you pain or any issue you are having in your life such as relationships, money, jobs, home, family, etc.  I talk to the soul, recognize it, send love and ask for it's help in the healing process.  I also connect with light energy and the highest, purest form of healing to ensure a pure connection with you, your soul and body.  If you have a spirit removal session, I will first see if you need it (not everyone has spirits attached to them) and then if you do not need it I will not charge you and you'll have the option of doing a soul healing instead.  I can also conduct a spiritual coaching session with a soul healing to transform your life in all areas.
Namaste and may peace be with you!
Love and light, Charissa

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a soul healing?
    A soul healing is a way to connect your body, mind and spirit so that they are all in harmony. Everything has a soul and you can speak to it. I can also teach you to do soul healings on yourself!
  • How do you remove spirits?
    If someone has medical issues that no one can figure out, frequently it is a spirit draining your energy. I connect with your spirit, the spirit attached to you and lovingly break that tie and send that spirit into the light.
  • How do you integrate coaching and healing?
    I first conduct the healing and read your soul and body. Then, we will talk and I will make some suggestions on how to move forward in your life with that issue.