I will manage your web development project

manage your web development project

About This Gig

Hello, I am Charlie. I have a Masters in Finance, an MBA and a B.Sc in computer Information systems. I am an IT Project Manager and I have worked as a Product Manager for a few start-ups. I have also launched a product on my own. i took an idea, and launched it in less than 5 months. This was only possible because of my believe, dedication and experience.
I am going to be your Product Manager and take the risks from developing an app or set off your hands. I will help you with your ideas. I will help you pick talents from designers, to developers and i will manage their work and help you with some of your business issues like marketing, pitch preparation, finding Investors. etc.. Just look at us, as your one shop for getting your idea to the app store or to something people use.

Please contact me before ordering this gig. I have to understand your project first. You should want the best because you are with the best.

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7 days delivery