I will get a CV or resume for job in your company

get a CV or resume for job in your company

About This Gig

We have a team which has many years industry experience in placing candidates in top level I.T. companies.  We will get  you a standard cv or resume for your Job for one gig.
Please send us your job specification we research online and find you a c.v. or resume and forward it to you.

Please note we can only research and find online and some other sources, it may or may not exactly match.

If you want us to ascertain  (talking to)the candidates willingness to apply for your job before sending the cv please buy additional gig meant for that.

If you want (better) Quality 5 or 12 cvs or resumes for the job taking advantage of team personal expertise- Please buy additional gigs.

We are eager to do custom job - all kind of recruitment solutions - do full interview and find right candidates, vet them and even if you want get them sign contract that you send us .  Custom offers would be sent through fiverr only. For the same work we do through our regular business is costly. But fiverr is very cost friendly.  The pricing is flexible and can be based on result or work done, by Custom offers in fiverr.

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