I will give you a passive just hear mediation S1 enhance ur life

give you a passive just hear mediation S1 enhance ur life

About This Gig

This track is unique - mix of ancient wisdom and modern scientific approach based on sound waves and binaural technique -

This can enhance your learning outcomes, bring silence and peace so that you look at everything in a better and newer approach, so life will change for you more positively.  

Sit silently in a place and Just use stereo-phones to hear for 30 minutes a day. Nothing to practice, just hear.  You will see many positive changes.     The creator produced 10 levels of tracks - These are selling $20 each.  

I will give  for Fiverr Users the first  track only for $5, which will give you relief  from stress, sleeplessness,  and wavering mind. This will enhance learning outcome. Use it when you are sitting or on the bed.  Dont use it while driving or on the road or walking,etc.

Each level is meant to  be heard for 30 days and then move to the next level. 

Must Use stereo headphone even to  listen to sample

Hear the sample of about 3 minutes


The real track will be 30 minutes

What you will get is Aanandham S1

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