I will give you Professional advice on anything and everything

give you Professional advice on anything and everything

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I will give you advice on anything and everything. Love? school? or even what you should do in tough situations. I stand by customer service and want you to get your moneys worth. Examples: Hi,I need help with my boyfriend. He is being very jealous and controlling I feel uncomfortable around my friends with him and he is always talking smack about them what should I do? Hi, valued customer I would like to get into your shoes for a second, I understand you have been going through and ordeal and have come across very hard questions to answer, I would to say that your boyfriend might feel he might lose you that's why he is being jealous or talking about your friends. I believe he is doing this to make you become closer to him and further from your friends, He feels less than your friends and feels he needs you close to him and this is a good thing. Try to appreciate him more and become more understanding he obviously loves you and cares about you and never wants to lose you.

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