I will heal and read your seven gates of energy

heal and read your seven gates of energy
heal and read your seven gates of energy

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Description Two levels deep - Scout Four levels deep - Explorer Seven levels deep - Key Holder
  I will scout your : - Layer 1 : Etheric body - Layer 2 : Emotional body I will explore your : - Layer 3 : Astral body - Layer 4 : Mental body I will reach your : - Layer 5 : Etheric templates - Layer 6 : Celestial body - Layer 7 : Ketheric
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About This Gig

The dreamtraveler they call me. I'm Cheriff Yassine from Morocco. Our bloodborn children are prepared psychically at age of 5 to either become a dreamtraveller or a hypnotherapist.
I integrated the dreamtraveller's school, using ancient texts and artifacts, we can simulate people's cosmic shadows in our dreams, explore their spirit and heal the kernel of the psyche.

Wind is my element, fast, fluid, free. Sleep tonight, i'll meet you in my dream, ask your shadow about the deepest abysses of yourself, discover the hidden part of your past, and find your way in life.

I simulate your soul in my dreams. We are taught to perceive the magnetic fluctuations of the Seven Layers of you spirit. When i wake up, i note down and study each layer and give you feedback.

This gig includes a psychic reading, plus a quote to enhance your way of seeing things, and brighten your mind to perceive existence.

Important to know : I do not work on friday, it's the holy day, in which the shadow rests in the shrin, while i go do the general prayer.