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write you 1 pro quality EMAIL swipe

About This Gig

Internet Marketers, Need Easy Fast EMAIL SWIPES?

Get Professionally Written EMAIL SWIPES Affiliates, JVs, And Subscribers Love

Need Email Swipes fast? Groaning at the thought of writing them yourself?

Buyers see lots of emails daily, often for the same offers. Good email swipes can make them open, read, and click your links. But writing persuasive emails takes years of study and practice--trust me, I know. 

I have 7 years experience as a direct response copywriter. I have the expertise to write compelling, engaging, emails swipes that connect with subs..

My email swipes position your business, product or offer as the best choice with:
• Eye-catching, curiosity-based subject lines that make you stand out in their inboxes
• Engaging openings and storylines that hook them into reading
• Juicy copy that builds interest and rapport by connecting with their problems, and keeps them scrolling
• Smart bullet points that arouse fascination and resonate with their deep emotional needs. Bullets that intensify the desire to click
• Call-to-actions and P.S. s that use urgency, scarcity and logic to provide that extra last nudge

Give yourself a break and get this gig. You won’t regret it.


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3 days delivery 2 Revisions

1 Pro Swipe

100 words maximum 1 Subject Line CTA

  • Up to 100 Words
  • 1 Headline Included