About This Gig

Get EXPERT advice about your website. Want to Improve your site but don’t know where to Start? Are you having trouble with your conversion rates? I am a web design/internet marketing expert with over 18 years professional experience. I provide an in-depth video review of your website while covering a broad range of topics with critical feedback. The video is a screen recording of me going through your website while I provide my review of your site and show you exactly what needs to be improved. The video is about 5-10 minutes in length and is delivered in MP4 format. I give you honest feedback from a designer's point of view that will be extremely helpful for improving your site. Learn what's been helping or hurting your conversion rates. The extended review/audit that I offer covers over 65 key areas as well as my opinion and tips. I take a hard look at your site’s performance, your design & structure, your basic SEO practices, your tagging and linking strategies, and a whole lot more. If there’s a problem, I’ll find it. And then I’ll explain exactly how to fix it. ✔Improve conversion rates ✔Expert Tips ✔Great Value ✔Professional Service