I will send 2121 targeted real Australian visitors

send 2121 targeted real Australian visitors

About This Gig

★ Category targeted real and human Australian visitors generated from redirected domains and from our own network ★ No frame breakers or adult content on your landing page. 24 hours unique traffic (we guarantee that the same visitor show up only one time in 24 hours). ► 1 popup is allowed. ► Affiliate links: Ok. ► NO videos or sound on the landing page. ► The traffic will be spread over 7 days. ► Url shorteners like bit.ly and tinyurl are ok (NOT adf.ly). ★ You will receive a screenshot (report) of the stats when the job is done. ★ In order to start the gig we need ❶ Your link/url AND ❷ Your category of choice (health, marketing, games, travel, shopping etc). Full list of categories, terms and 3. party stats info: http://goo.gl/OXSkv ► DON't WORRY ABOUT ORDERS IN QUEUE. I can manage 100+