I will be your Bearded Male Model

Fabulous! Did the gig on time and as specified.
Reviewed by profitrocketau 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lberdugo 5 months ago
I LOVE my photos! China Girl will get the job done for you just as expected!
Reviewed by dangoldfedder about 1 year ago
ehh got the name of the product wrong but I like it thanks!
Reviewed by kroc916 about 1 year ago
Great seller! Excellent photos. Very high quality. :)
Reviewed by adm_hou over 1 year ago
Great job made by an enthusiast!
Reviewed by ze6055 over 1 year ago
This dude is awesome. Amazing look. How could you not want him to hold your sign!?
Reviewed by natebwilliams almost 2 years ago
be your Bearded Male Model
be your Bearded Male Model
be your Bearded Male Model
Fiverr Beard

About This Gig

My Dad models for my clothing line and he loves it! He calls himself the "Average Joe" Male Model. He has a long scruffly white beard, and actually very much resembles Si from Duck Dynasty!

For only $5.00, he will model or promote your product, hold your sign, be a human billboard, or do a video greeting for you.

You can either send us your product you want him to promote (sorry we will not be able to return it unless you send a self addressed and stamped return envelope), or let us know what sign, or if you want him to write a greeting on his belly (nothing inappropriate please, it's my Dad!), or what video greeting you want!

If you want pictures, I will send you 5 pictures, and he will stand in front of one background (by trees, in front of a wooden rustic wall, or on his truck [Note, if it's winter time, there will most likely be snow]). For only $5.00 extra, I will send you 10 pictures, and he will stand in front of three different backgrounds!!!

The video greetings and writing on the belly are very silly, and make great gifts!
The product modeling or promotion is actually very professional! He's modeled a lot of my products.