I will be your china agent and open china marketplace for you

be your china agent and open china marketplace for you

About This Gig

We will be your China Representative Assistant for your task or project or as per our mutual agreement on number of gigs to order. **Please contact me with 

details before ordering this gig to ensure we both agreed about the task at hand and expectations are clear. 
Tasks include but are not limited to:
·      Marketing
·      China Social Media Management
·      Website/article writing or translation
·      Data Entry
·      Proof Reading
·      Online Research

Why We ?

I will be your Personal Assistant in China with office and contact number, So I can be your Business partner here and can attend calls and can meet people 

here in china on behalf of you.
We can email people, attend calls and can do office related work. If you need to use my actual office for your business purpose, contact me and we can work it 

We can receive your products in my office, with your company name. 
 We can Read and Write both English and Chinese language. 

Questions?: Feel free to hit the contact me button for any questions. I would be happy to answer your questions.

Have a good day. Thanks for your time.

Order Details

2 days delivery