I will send 1000 Real Canadian Visitors to your site

send 1000 Real Canadian Visitors to your site

About This Gig

Do you have a Canadian online business and having difficulties with getting visitors to your site? Well that problem just got buried. Congratulations on finding This gig!. I will drive 1000 real, adsense safe, keyword targeted, and search engine friendly visitors to your site daily for $5 and for as long as you want. That's traffic on demand for only $5


·         Real visits from Canada

·         Real visitors with unique IPs no bots or China traffic

·         100% adsense, CPA, Landing pages, blogs and affiliate links safe

·         Google analytics link where you can monitor visits

·         100% guarantee or your money back


1.      Adult sites are welcome. We don't work with facebook fanpages, Clickbank, fiverr links, twitter accounts and YouTube videos.


2.      Since we haven’t figured out a way to hypnotize web visitors so that they do our bidding, We cannot guarantee any form of conversion and or signups as that is entirely dependent on your site content and how optimized your message or product is

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