I will ghostwrite for you efficacious ebooks

ghostwrite for you efficacious ebooks

About This Gig

I’m a ghost. You may not know me by name, but you might know some of my ghostwritten books. In many cases the ghostwriter / client relationship is protected by a confidentiality agreement, but in others, the named author is all too happy to admit that they have had some help in writing their articles. That’s the kind of ghostwriting I prefer: where egos are in their rightful place.

Are you into kindle publishing or you want an eBook to capture subscribers into your mailing list? Or you want articles to sell to your fans and readers? You need a top-quality eBook to build your brand and become an authority in your industry. It gives you a spiteful superiority lead above your contenders. Do you have great ideas but struggle at transforming them into sentences and paragraphs?

You are probably too busy to write one. The best move would be to consult an expert to get the job done. I am that expert!

I am word engineer, best at restructuring and transforming ideas into sizzling and compact articles/e-book. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am very sure that a trial will convince you.