I will have a fox say something personalized

Simplyvthe best!
Reviewed by nemadvokat 5 months ago
what a fun and clever idea! Well executed. very happy
Reviewed by emblad 6 months ago
Thanks so much!
Reviewed by iwright4u2 over 1 year ago
Love the motion of the fox lips... no idea how she does it, but it's a high quality gig! Awesome stuff.
Reviewed by ninjasforhealth almost 2 years ago
Great work. Well worth every cent.
Reviewed by mavbearcat over 2 years ago
Brilliant - can't quite believe how fab it is for the money - THANK YOU
Reviewed by strawberryfox almost 3 years ago
Excellent. Fast, efficient, good communication. Go for it!
Reviewed by billyjoebob almost 3 years ago
so worth the $10 that i paid, exceeded expectations!!
Reviewed by benny333 about 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by wkloss about 3 years ago
have a fox say something personalized
have a fox say something personalized

About This Gig

What DOES a fox say? In this gig, YOU get to decide what a fox  says for only $5! The video will be recorded in high definition and will feature a clip of the famous song "What does the fox say?". The fox featured in the video also moves and talks just like a real person. Just send a message of 150 words or less and you've got the true answer to what a fox really says. :)