I will send you 1 Hours of Powerful REIKI Healing Energy

send you 1 Hours of Powerful REIKI Healing Energy

About This Gig

Hello There, I have been healed with Energy Healing and have been doing Energy Healing and Reiki for over 11 years now. It works great on everything from the: healing heart, depression, illness, career, love, finances, money, relationships, pregnancy, physical emotional and mental health, of a person, pet, places, situations and things...

Hire me and tell me what you want to work on and I will send you Powerful Reiki Healing Energy for 1 hours.

Most people notice an instant energetic shift.   

Babylonia sent me a message on 9/15/15 saying. 

Seriously it's a miracle! U r amazing!
During the healing my mind got cleared of my parents judgement and for the first time I heard myself clearly underneath the clutter. I received guidance on a specific person to ask to be my first reiki client. So I asked him.....amazing!!!!!!

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