I will deliver a guaranteed plan to increase self confidence

deliver a guaranteed plan to increase self confidence
deliver a guaranteed plan to increase self confidence
deliver a guaranteed plan to increase self confidence

About This Gig

Sometimes we need a little perspective. Some inspiration. A boost in our self-confidence

If that sounds like you, I can help! And more importantly, you can help yourself! 

Using tried and true methods, backed by science and personal experience I will save you thousands of dollars in therapy, life coaching, career mentoring and reading.

I am just like you: young, vibrant, ambitious, creative, aspirational, valuable and a true diamond in the rough.

But sometimes, life just gets you down. Money. Career. Friends. Family. Health. Feelings of inadequacy. All of these are things that may generally be in good standing, but sometimes it's hard to see past your immediate situation.

Those feelings caused me to run out and spend tons of my own money on counseling, therapy, self-help books, meditation, yoga, and extreme sports to try and remedy my situation. 

What I learned is that there is a common thread to what you will learn using these methods, and those professionals possess the secret to getting over hurdles and on to completing goals.

When you are ready to overcome your hurdles... YOU WILL! And you have all the tools necessary to do it, RIGHT NOW.  

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1 day delivery

Pep In Your Step

Exclusive video series detailing how and why my methods work to improve confidence esteem and wealth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect from the basic package?
    A 10-minute skype, facetime, Slack chat or phone call to vent and have me inject some positivity into your day. I will listen to you, and use the same techniques I use on myself to stay motivated throughout the week. The only difference- that positivity is directed at you!
  • How else can you help me?
    I'm a product designer, graphic artist, photographer, skydiver, BASE jumper, adventurer, dedicated boyfriend, cat owner, restaurant operations expert... Sky's the limit, if we work well together. I'm always looking for a new project, the opportunity to help someone and make a new friend.
  • Why is your service worth my money?
    I have spent thousands of dollars on reading, acquiring knowledge, practicing, attending therapy, and working with career coaches to finally get to the point I am now- stable, happy, and optimistic. My service is worth it because I will GIVE you all of that information for a fraction of it's value.
  • What kind of methods will you turn me on to?
    If you have ever worked with a life coach, career counselor or therapist you can expect similar types of information will be conveyed. I have focused all of that learning into a method that has worked for me and I know it will work for you too! It's just science, and I'll explain it all.