I will help you develop a business strategy

help you develop a business strategy
help you develop a business strategy
help you develop a business strategy

About This Gig

I am here to give your business the jump start it needs!

Every business needs a great plan to get started. But you don't have the time or knowhow to gather all of your ideas and opportunities into one cohesive plan.

For $5 I will provide you with a customized, easy to navigate, and easy to communicate business strategy that will save you time, money and stress by organizing your plans, opportunities and ideas.

Using the same fast and effective method used by countless startups and successful tech businesses and you are empowered to put more of your efforts toward building your business, and less time getting bogged down in formalities

Your customized plan will include a summary of each section, and unique recommendations and strategies to help you plan possible moves toward growth.

If you want the true professional's touch, add a gig extra to book one-on-one time with me and we will go over each strategy in depth and explore steps you can take to immediately put your plans into action.

I'm here to help when you're ready and I'm excited to learn about what you're doing so we can get planning. Check out gig extras to book personal time and we will set your plans in motion!

Order Details

Lean Business Plan

Receive a customized business plan for your product or service.

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will this take?
    Normally I can deliver your business plan within a few hours. More complex business may require additional time to complete.
  • What is the value of your service?
    I deliver value by saving you time, money, and stress by providing you with the essentials needed to communicate complex ideas to partners and investors and helping you to keep your business organized.
  • What kind of business analysis are you providing?
    After I understand your business I will provide you with a SWOT analysis which helps entrepreneurs and businesses identify key areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and external threats. Using this tool will help you take inventory of your organization in a concise document that is approachable.
  • What makes you qualified to provide this service?
    I am a product designer, and manager as well as a small business owner and operator. My career has led me to work for various industries from hospitality, restaurants, technology, medical, advertising, sales, marketing and operations. These experiences make me uniquely suited to empathize and help.