I will yell at your boss

yell at your boss

About This Gig

Is your boss alpha-as-fu@k? Breaking you down? Deprecating you? Putting you on the verge of tears at work on normal basis?

Wanna stick it to him/her?

I might not be able to stop his/her abusive behavior, but I can definitely make them acknowledge what a prick they've been.

I will anonymously call your workplace, ask to speak to your boss, pretend that I'm a very unhappy customer or client, and make them feel like the shallow piece of crap that they are.

If you're bullied by your boss, I wanna stick up for you—anonymously, of course.

It's time to stop being the underdog; if only for a brief moment.

Who knows? Maybe your boss will have an epiphany from the whole situation and will start treating you better. Or, maybe they will turn to you for support; which is the perfect way to acquire personal details for me to use as ammo the next time you hire me. 

Hiring some guys to bully your bullying boss: $5.00
The look on their face after I've just handed them their own a$$: Priceless  

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