I will make your project funny for $5

make your project funny
make your project funny
make your project funny
make your project funny

About This Gig

Are you working on a screenplay, marketing copy, blog, or other project, and you need an extra pair of humorous eyes to help you out?

You're in LUCK! Starting at only $5, I'll take a look at your script or concept, and give you my idea(s) on how to punch it up with some humor!

What you get:

At a rate of $5 per 250 words, I'll review your script, concept, copy, or whatever-- and provide my suggestions on how to make it funnier!


  • My humor is rated G to PG-13. I avoid explicit or incredibly offensive jokes and gags. That said, if you're offended by jokes involving stereotypes, or jokes that are politically incorrect, please let me know upfront! 

  • The number of ideas I provide depends heavily on the content I have to work with (and how heavily I'm drinking at the moment). If I can't come up with at least one idea to increase the humor in your project, I'll gladly cancel. Keep in mind, the more info you provide, the more ideas I'll be able to suggest!

  • I'm providing guidelines and suggestions; not a script. Once my idea is provided, it's up to you to incorporate it however you see fit.

  • Sometimes, improving means starting over. If you don't want to hear that, you might not want to order.