I will write and record a basic song

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write and record a basic song

About This Gig

ok, here's what you'll get for the $50 basic gig:

  • i'll write lyrics - 3 verses and 1 chorus, as seen in gig photo. need more? order an extra!
  • i'll compose basic chord changes to the lyrics
  • i'll record the song with doubletracked acoustic guitar and one vocal track ONLY.

here's an example of a recent song i did (with optional bridge): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZkKYaUAan4 NOTE: i don't do videos, this example is only to demonstrate audio quality you can expect!

great for birthdays, special events, jingles, demos to bring to band practice, voicemail greetings or use it as a nifty ringtone!

oh, and my musical style is similar to artists like Dave Matthews, Steely Dan, Sting, REM, etc. No country, no R&B and no hip-hop. sorry.

also, i only offer revisions to lyrics only! i'll have you approve the lyrics before i record the song and at that point i can change what you need me to change. i will not make any changes after the song is recorded!

for the basic gig, i own all rights to the song after delivery - if you'd like me to transfer the rights to you, order the extra!

be sure to ask any questions before ordering! :D