I will teach you what to buy from Goodwill and how to sell on eBay

teach you what to buy from Goodwill and how to sell on eBay
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pdf page as image

About This Gig

Buy from Goodwill & Sell On eBay!

This is an eBook that will be delivered in PDF format.


In This eBook You Will Learn:

  • Key Tools- It covers many tools that I use, and that will help you with your eBay business. Not only will they save you time, but they will save you money!
  • A Deep Dive into where to find inventory- It covers even more tips and tricks on how and where to find your eBay inventory!
  • A Goodwill Ultimate Guide- It covers how to identify and uncover a hot item at a Thrift Store. Also, many HOT Items to look for while shopping at Goodwill!
  • Pictures- The book goes over the best way to take pictures of clothing items, and the best way to attract customers to you listing with just using your title!
  • Hitting Your Goals- It retouches on the techniques of how to hit your income goal and start living the lifestyle you want!
  • Customer Service- This eBook covers the importance of handling customers the right way, and how this will save your business!