I will write you a detailed and concise movie review for $5

write you a detailed and concise movie review
write you a detailed and concise movie review

About This Gig

I am a creative write with a BA in English and Creative Writing who has published a few small works and has a lifelong love for film. I have written for a few local magazines and started with music and movie review writing. I will review any film you request that I can physically see, which excludes special "in select theaters" movies that would be impossible for me to get after the fact but before DVD release. The only exclusion would have to be porn, since there is no real story to most porno. 

You can ask me specifically what sort of tone you are looking for in the review, I tend to lean towards the snarky and sarcastic side of detailed review writing. You can't go wrong with a little dose of humor. Better yet, if you regard the film to be an absolute train wreck, I can "unleash" the snarky powers within my spirit to deliver the review you want. 

Here is the technical details of what you are getting (for the minimum 5 dollar charge):

-A detailed 5-6 paragraph review
-Quick response time and direct communication
-High quality work in short amounts of time
-Your direct input on the direction of the review

Genres I write best in:

(I am open to all genres)