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Description About 3 of your past lives &healing Find about 2 past lives & healing Past life reading & karmic healing
  Find out about 3 past lives & heal energy, clear all karmic debts from these lives Find out about 2 past lives, heal energy and clear all karmic debts from these lives Find out about 1 past life, heal energy from lingering karmic debts from past lives
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Have you ever wondered who you were in past lives you've had? Most of us have lived many lives before this one, and we take something and learn from each one. Reincarnational theory says that ones soul goes into a series of physical forms (a lifetime) over an extremely long amount of time until it is able to free itself from the necessity of living in the physical form. It is then that the soul leaves the physical world for its last time in order to live in the higher realms and experience eternal bliss. Often times with our past lives, we have created either good or bad karma with the actions we choose and with other souls we interact with along our journey. This karmic debt follows us into the next life, so it is very possible that you are carrying around karmic debt from many of your past lives. This energy can affect us in the present and it can cause the same lessons you think you have learned, to manifest again in our lives and it will continue to do so until we clear this karmic debt. With this reading I will tell you about who you were in these lives, lessons learnt and clear any residual karmic energy that your soul may be carrying around from life to life. 

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    This exceeded my expectations. Wonderful caring seller! Highly recommended!

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    Thank you! Really lovely client :)

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