I will give legal opinion on your CA traffic ticket defense

give legal opinion on your CA traffic ticket defense
give legal opinion on your CA traffic ticket defense

About This Gig

Getting ready to fight your speeding ticket or moving violation in a trial? Get a licensed and experienced attorney's opinion on your case.

Attorney Christopher Dort is an experienced criminal defense attorney, has participated in hundreds of traffic court cases, and has written and published more than 300 self help articles on traffic ticket issues.

"As a licensed attorney with the experience of hundreds of traffic ticket trials, I will review your written description of your California infraction case and defense, then give you my written opinion on your defense."

This service includes attorney review of up to 3 pages of information from you, and a written response from Attorney Dort of up to 1 page. It also includes 5 separate defense attorney tips that may help you win your case.

Extras include the option for an Attorney Conference for up to 1 hour to discuss your infraction case by telephone, web conference or email. These conferences are perfect for anyone who wants to discuss a complicated traffic court problem, or who has several cases to discuss.
California State Bar License #196832.

Order Details

Legal Opinion on Traffic Ticket

Licensed CA Attorney with 15+ years of experience handling traffic ticket cases will review

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you offer this service for non California traffic tickets?
    No. But you may find some free private self help at www.trafficcourtblog.com.
  • Refunds for unused time?
    No. Our 1hr Attorney Conferences are for a single use only, up to 1 hour of professional time. Some attorney conferences will be complete in less time, and no refund is given for unused time.
  • Do you handle criminal cases in California?
    Yes. I can take on criminal cases in all of California's major courts under the right circumstances. Free case reviews available. Separate fee agreements are required for Attorney Representation.