I will help you to build your PC or fix

help you to build your PC or fix
help you to build your PC or fix
help you to build your PC or fix

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Description Strawberry pie Blueberry pie Apple pie
  Online advice Quick and fast repairs (online) Starting from nothing and help you to build your own PC computer
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About This Gig

Strawberry Pie-

I can give you advice on software on the pc or how to make your pc secure.

Blueberry Pie- 

I am going to help you with your pc computer problem (online). Like if your pc is slow or does not to work.

Apple Pie-

I will help your build your pc configuration. Just how much you want to put on it and for what type of purpose like games or business. I will send you a document with the results on what pc parts like memory, hard drive, gig, etc your computer can use best. 

Extra Gig-

I can personally build your own pc with the money you provided me. I will choose the best provider and program for your pc based on how much you provide.  

If you have any questions just let me know it's gonna be a pleasure to respond you !                                                           

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have any experience on computer in general ?
    Yes, i studied in computer school since i was 12. I helped a lot of people in the past and i'm able to fix almost any kind of pc issues.
  • How work your building pc gig ?
    Alright so i'm gonna ask you how many money that you want to put on your configuration and by myself i will search the best pc parts at the best price possible. I will wait that you buy the composants or send me the money for making your pc. I will build and test your pc for one entier day before