I will promote your SEO article thru strategic team network

promote your SEO article thru strategic team network

About This Gig

For $5, I and my strategic global team will promote your SEO article to your top 10 target article directories for your specific niche.

Search engine optimization is more than optimizing your pages and building masses of links. It needs smart strategy. Sustainable strategy requires a balance of good content writing, value content marketing, authority building, and strategic social media distribution leveraging video marketing when possible.

Search engine optimization is not simply following the herd, chasing shiny objects of the latest tricks and gimmicks to gain rankings trying to game Google algorithms expecting miracles for $5,

A coordinated strategy both short and long term is important to figure out how to best identify and reach your target market most likely to convert.

Join a new age SEO start-up that leverages established and proven strategies in combination with new age methods.  Tap into an innovative new age ecosystem comprised of enterprising college students from 10 strategic regions around the globe.

The basic $5 gig covers strategic article submission for your niche. Please provide your SEO article, URL and target keywords.

Please see the gig extras for premium services