I will give you a 10 minute psychic reading on the phone

give you a 10 minute psychic reading on the phone

About This Gig

Hello, I'm Chynadoll!

Having grown up my entire life with a certain intuition, I've put my powers to practice and have helped people from all over the world with my abilities. I come from a long lineage of empowered individuals who have had similar gifts, some of whom have also given psychic readings.

I've always used my clairvoyance for good and have focused my strengths on helping people find the right path when they are lost. When I was younger, I started using my powers to help people in local fairs. From there, I eventually worked on HBO shows and also worked closely with the Miami Police Department on select cases. My foreknowledge helped lead the police in what were otherwise dead end cases.

My ability goes far beyond a face-to-face reading. I am able to do a reading on the telephone and also able to read objects and photographs. Objects with particular sentimental or religious meanings have the most for me to read into about.

If you would like for me to read a photograph or an object, please contact me first so that I can provide you with instructions for my reading.