I will make a 1min flowing Lyric Video song

make a 1min flowing Lyric Video song
make a 1min flowing Lyric Video song

About This Gig

Thanks for showing interest in my Gig. I will create a perfect, attractive  and engaged Lyric Video for your Audio Song. Definitely your fans can sing along at the same time while learning the Lyrics of song faster, and never get bored as words keep moving in the video. They get the feel of watching a video rather than listening to music and get engaged themselves.  

I will create Lyric video with perfect voice synch for each sentence or verse, that means your verse or line will be seen exactly while you sing, it will be a perfect match to what your fans hear.

Charges are as follows.
$5 per 1Min video that means 1 Gig for 1Min
add $5 extra for every 1Min. that means 1Gig extra for every 1Min.
Ex:if your song is of 5 minute length then you have to order 5 Gigs.
        That means $25.

Wait, you need word by word perfection?
then we have a great option for you.
if you need Word by word perfection, then I will make it at
$5 for 30sec. 1 Gig
$10 for 1Min.  2Gigs.

Need very cheaper solution?
Then I will make a 12 line perfection lyric video, at
$5 per 2 minute video.

for text colors please send me hex code, or I will choose my own colors.
Please contact me before you order.