I will give you best friend advice on any topic

give you best friend advice on any topic

About This Gig

Sometimes you just need a friend to talk to, let me be that friend! 

I took two years of psychology, I'm a fantastic listener, and can offer some friendly advice on most topics.

If you need someone to be happy for you, I'm there!

Need a shoulder to cry on? You can cry on mine!

Want to talk about relationships? I've seen it all so nothing shocks me about relationships anymore, nothing is off the table.

You will have my undivided attention during our entire chat and be offered the best advice I can offer. 


This is only for text-text chat advice.
No Nudes.
No sexting. 
Just friendly advice. 

15 minutes - $5
30 minutes - $10
60 minutes - $20

Order Details

1 day delivery