I will send you a postcard from daytona beach, florida

send you a postcard from daytona beach, florida

About This Gig

It's BEAUTIFUL here!!!  I would be more than happy to send you, or a loved one a post card.  Perhaps you told the ol' ball and chain you went to Daytona Beach, but you ran off with your mistress.  Perhaps you want to impress a boyfriend or girlfriend, and pretend you just got done vacationing here.  Or maybe you would like to save a ton of money by experiencing a small bit of Daytona via post card -instead of the entire expensive vacation package.  Who knows, maybe you just collect them!  EITHER WAY - I got you covered!!!

We're going to hook you up with a really awesome postcard of Daytona Beach.
It really is beautiful here, and I'd love to share the experience with you.
Any special requests are more than welcome.
I'll do my best to ensure you LOVE it.  :)

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5 days delivery