I will write 3 Product Descriptions 100 words each

write 3 Product Descriptions 100 words each

About This Gig

Whether you are selling your product or service online, you must have been facing steep competition with your competitors who are selling same products or services.

But solution is really easy. A compelling Product/ Service description can help you standing out of the crowd and sell more without competing much.

With your purchase of a $5 gig you will receive either 2 x 150 word product/ service description. 

or 3 x 100 words product descriptions. 

Hence $5= 300 words. For extended word count, you have to purchase extra gigs.

Instead of 2, you can request me to write 300 words for 1 Product/ Service.

Why Choose This Gig?

  1. I will remain available for Free Edits.up to a week after delivery.
  2. Never Spun and Software is never used! No problem to breakdown your order to smaller pieces or merge them to use up whole word count for single description.
  3. High quality Copyscape passed content.
  4. Your descriptions will be clear, concise and free of anything that is irrelevant or repetitive.

Check out my Gig extra for unique promotion service of your product or service.

Try my service by purchasing 1 gig order and you will love to be my repeat client.