I will write a love letter or love poem

write a love letter or love poem
write a love letter or love poem
write a love letter or love poem
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Description Short and Sweet I'm Sorry Sonnet Premium Package
  A beautiful 25-50 word poem or letter to touch hearts and connect A 60-100 word poem or letter to help mend arguements 150-200 word poem or letter to show exactly who you feel that includes many special details
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About This Gig

As a romantic and writer, I will write a love letter or poem to show that special someone how much you care. All I need is a bit about your relationship (where you met, if this is for a special event, if this is to reconcile after a fight, what you love most about him or her, and your relationship status such as married or dating etc.). I will craft a poem or letter just for you and your loved one. 

Just let me know if you want it in a letter or poem format. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it rhyme?
    If you choose a poem, unless you request differently, it will rhyme. Please let me know if you do not want it to rhyme.
  • Is it one of a kind?
    Yes, every person is special and relationship is unique. I custom write every poem just for my clients to reflect you and your loved one's uniqueness.
  • Will it be sappy or corny?
    Of course it you want it to be a bit of a pun I can make it sappy or corny. However, unless you request that it will be loving and sweet without any sappiness or corniness.
  • Do you mail?
    Yes, under extras I provide mailing services within the continental US. All I need is the address. If you choose the mail option please let me know if you would like it typed or handwritten.
  • Will you make it personal?
    Yes, I will use details that you provide to make it personal and just for your intended. She will be able to tell this is not something stock.
  • Can you work around a theme like "fan girl"?
    Yes, if she or he loves technology, Dr. Who, etc., I can create it with cool references and allusions to that.
  • Do you do let's get together again type letters and poems?
    It is one of my greatest joys helping people get back together so I do poems and letters just for that.
  • Do you do I'm sorry please forgive me poems and letters?
    My favorite quote is from the movie The Mexican, "when is enough enough" and the answer is never. I have done many of these types of work and I keep everything you tell me confidential.
  • Can you do letters or poems to ask a person to the prom or a dance?
    Yes, just let me know the grade level so I can make sure it is age appropriate and sweet.
  • Can you rush?
    Yes, I can often get orders to you the same day.