I will accurately transcribe 10 minutes of audio

accurately transcribe 10 minutes of audio

About This Gig

I've previously worked as a professional transcriber for a year on a full-time and freelance capacity. Currently, as a writer/journalist, I have conducted and transcribed numerous interviews up to two hours long in my career. My experience has made me a speedy transcriber with attention to detail (if you're a fellow writer/journalist, you'll know how important that is!)

Whether you need transcriptions of interviews, dialogue sessions, focus group surveys or audio recordings of your lectures, I'm here for you!

I offer:
  • time stamps for inaudible parts of the audio
  • flawless grammar and spelling
  • accurate punctuation

If you need transcripts of audio up to an hour long, get in touch with me and we'll make arrangements.

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision


I will transcribe 10 minutes of audio with up to two speakers. Timestamps included.

  • Time Reference
  • Up to 2 Speakers
Number of minutes
This Package includes 10 minutes. For each additional 10 minutes, the price is $5.