I will professionally Audit your Instagram Account

About This Gig

I will professionally audit your Instagram account with regards to: 

- Key Statistics: influence, engagement level, true reach, location reach and evaluation of hashtags

-Identify Market Segmentation: I will outline where you currently sit and what your followers are interested in. 

- Outline Improvements: Using statistics and market research I will suggest 3 improvements that can be made to your account in order to increase your level of engagement. 

All I'll need is the username of your Instagram account (no password required!)

For an additional $15 I can also do a side-by-side evaluation of your competitors and identify 3 strategies to increase your market share. 


Order Details

I will audit your Instgram account

Outline Key Statistics, Identify Current Market Segment and Outline 3 Improvements

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if I decide I also want you to also evaluate my competitors?
    Hi, all you have to do is simply drop me a message and we can work things out from there
  • What format do you write the Audits in?
    I write all audits in a word document, but if you ever have any trouble accessing the document just send me a message and I will convert the file to which ever format you request