I will develop an interactive system for composition for $5

/ 15 Days On Average
develop an interactive system for composition
develop an interactive system for composition

About This Gig

You need a special soundscape ? An electroacoustic composition? A program to design sounds live? to compose a piece using specific algorithms, effects, sounds? A system that you can trigger to interact and compose a piece?

I am a MaxMSP developper, i can program an interactive system that will follow your ideas/dream/requirements. I have experience of developing a lot of effects/interactive systems for myself as a live performer, as a studio performer, or as an algorithmic composer. I have a Msc in Music Technology and an Engineer Diploma in Programming interactive systems.

I will deliver a standalone Max Patch that can read sound files or create sounds and trigger them live to compose a piece or soundscape.

5$: I will make a quick patch following your requirements, it can have up to 5 sound sources, one mono or stereo output, and up to 3 simple screen-objects by sound source to trigger your sound.

+25$: More inputs or outputs (Midi, sensors etc), or objects to trigger the sounds, possibly complex ones. Documentation, and advices for using the system.

+25$: I will myself provide the finished composition instead of the program to compose. (wav format)