I will make an offering to Ogun to enhance your life

make an offering to Ogun to enhance your life

About This Gig

I will make an offering to the Orisha Ogun on your behalf to enhance your life.
An Orisha is an african name for a divinity. Ogun is worshipped all over the world.  He is found within religions/beliefs like Ifa, Santeria, Lukumi, Vodun, Candomble etc.
He is seen as one of God's (Olodumare/Olorun) agents upon the earth & within the universe. Wherever Orisha are worshipped Ogun is viewed as one of the most central & considered one of the most powerful.

Ogun is the Orisha of iron & war. He is also the Orisha that opens your roads to success, achievement, enjoyment and all the good things in life.  He fights your battles and assures you of victory in any conflict.
Ogun's power extends even further; he can bless you in many, many ways.

Making an offering to Ogun can take several forms.

A Tier 1 offering gives Ogun an assortment of the items he likes and moves him favorably
A Tier 2 offering adds a simple divination to better pinpoint exactly the materials that will best help you to enlist Ogun's help

A Tier 3 offering adds a sacrifice that Ogun loves

A Tier 4 offering is really a Full Ifa Divination Gig and the appropriate Works

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