I will give constructive criticism on your creative writing

give constructive criticism on your creative writing

About This Gig

Expressing yourself creatively through story, poem, or any sort of creative writing endeavor gives you the opportunity to connect with your reader in a unique way.  Serious creative writers seek honest, constructive criticism from other thoughtful, experienced writers.

I can provide that constructive criticism for your creative writing project.  Holding a degree in linguistics, and having written multiple novels, screenplays, poems, and other creative writing projects, I have the experience and insight needed to give valuable criticism.  No matter how much feedback you have, $5 is a inexpensive way to get honest, professional feedback about your creative writing.  I will write thoughtful, constructive, and helpful feedback of any story, poem or creative writing endeavor of up to 8 pages long.  

I can, if you choose, focus my feedback in any area, such as:

*character development

I will provide a minimum of one written page of constructive criticism for $5. For additional fees, I can give longer feedback or give feedback on longer works!  

Please message me before ordering with any questions you have! Thank you for your time.