I will be your ghost writer

be your ghost writer
be your ghost writer

About This Gig

Cant find the words to begin with? Allow me to find them for you. 

I will write  anything from poetry to fictional story.

Purchase entire short stories or larger projects by the chapter. 

In the case of books, please understand that i will not write a compete book

Each gig will equate to one poem , short story, 

In the case of a book, each gig will equate to a chapter.
 (This is meant to say should a fellow writer need help or inspiration for their own book that they themselves have started, i would assist them in providing as many chapters as they need, given that they are of the fictional genre.)

Please please please contact me BEFORE you place your order, as we may need to discuss exactly what you require from me. This is very vital as I want to ensure you are happy or at least content with the work I will give and also that you get everything you want and possibly receive more.

My average word count is approximately 2500 word. if you require me to write more than that we will have to negotiate the issue.

Also if you require the copyrights to the story please note that you will have to purchase them.


Ghostwrite any fictional piece of work

  • Topic Research
5 days delivery