I will proofread and edit up to 2500 words professionally

proofread and edit up to 2500 words professionally

About This Gig

Of course, you have carefully drafted and typed that document you think is so perfect. But think again!  You need those extra pair of eyes to diligently search for those subtle typing errors; and so, you will agree with me that you want everything to be at its best.  Do you have any idea of what these culprits are?  These are things like:  Typing errors, phrasing, punctuation, tenses, just to name a few.

This is why I am offering my proofreading and editing skill for you to explore.  If I am awarded the opportunity, I shall transform your typing woes into professional wonders!  How?  Just by implementing the usage of the track changes method which is one of Microsoft's most remarkable feature in the word software.

My interactions with various companies in Jamaica and the United States of America for over ten(10) years have afforded me the luxury of acquiring highly developed skills and lots of experience in the corporate world.

My communication skill is proficient and if given the task to proof read and edit your document(s) you will, in no doubt, be left in a state of optimal satisfaction.  Purchasing one of my gigs will go a very long way.  Thank you kindly.   . 

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