I will market your eBook through a host of Social Media outlets

market your eBook through a host of Social Media outlets
market your eBook through a host of Social Media outlets

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  One Time Shout-out across all platforms We will do a second Shout out two days after the first for more exposure and frequency. Everything in the standard package plus additional submission of your book to 25 Facebook groups
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About This Gig

2016 is the year for Book Marketing...


....Your writing Need all the Marketing Exposure possible....

This is WHERE CLAW Publishing comes in....

As a publishing house, we have successfully established various author brands in various genres and niches. 

And we have found a little secret...

One of the best methods to market your work is through the endorsement of another author...

So this "No-brainer" marketing gig include....
  • Tweets  and retweets across all our author brands  with a massive combined twitter reach..no bots!
  • Facebook social reach through various groups our authors actively belongs to plus reach and endorsement through author pages
  • Google Plus reach out
  • Posting on at least three reader Facebook groups we believe will best align your work with your reader

This gig is for serious authors wanting a serious marketing effort. 

So for only $5 you will get exposure across all these twitter and facebook groups. 

Want more?

See the additional gigs. 

*Please Note We do Accept Erotica, but the reach will be limited - Please Inquire*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I get for $5?
    We will promote your book link with hashtags across various social media platforms and established author brands. We know that endorsement marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your work. Let one of our author brands do that for you!
  • Can you Guarantee Sales?
    The short asnwer is no. Although we will do everything possible within the scope of this gig to provide you with exposure we cannot guarantee sales. In fact, no advertiser and or promoter can do that. Book sales are dependent on many variables outside our controll.
  • Why should I give you a shot?
    Simple answer, we have been in the publishing and book marketing game for the better part of 10 years. For $5 all you need is one or two sales to make a return. We will provide you with large exposure for your work.