I will wear your tshirt around campus for a day

wear your tshirt around campus for a day

About This Gig


Not only will one person wear your t-shirt, two people will!

You can send us two t-shirts and/or hats with ANYTHING on them. 

We will be wearing your provided clothing items around Ball State University for one complete day.  

We will send you multiple photos throughout the day in various locations while wearing your clothing item(s).

The content that can be on the clothing can range from nothing to anything.

This can either be for advertising purposes such as: websites, businesses, etc...
Or can be used for humor.  We will wear anything that is on these t-shirts.  

They do not have to be professionally printed.  You may simply "sharpie" your messages or illustrations or basically anything that you wish to be seen around campus.  

For advertising, you may send business cards with your clothing items and we will pass them out.  We will pass out as many as you send.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you, 
Clayton Ferguson
Ben Miller

Order Details

10 days delivery