I will install and setup WordPress blog

install and setup WordPress blog
install and setup WordPress blog

About This Gig

I will install WordPress in your shared/VPS server with a free theme.

WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites. WordPress is the best platform to create and maintain a website or blog.

The following will be the scope of my work:

Step 1: Download the installation package.
Step 2: Upload files to your server.
Step 3: Create a MySQL Database.
Step 4: Go through the installation process
Step 5: Install Theme of your choice (or default).
Step 6: Point your new blog/site to your domain (if applicable).

What I'll need to complete order:

1. Access to FTP, Control Panel or cPanel (for loading WordPress and creating a database)

2. Theme you want to install (I can help with selection). Otherwise, the default WordPress theme will be left in place. The theme provides the overall design or style of your site.

3. Site Title for your WordPress site (Ex. Joe's Awesome Garage Sale).

4. Email address that you want associated with your WordPress site (for login and administrative purposes).

5. Username & password (you can change it later) that you will use to login and administrate your site.

Order Details

2 days delivery