I will help you dispute the collection agency and credit bureaus

help you dispute the collection agency and credit bureaus
help you dispute the collection agency and credit bureaus

About This Gig

I have been dealing with collection agencies, credit bureaus, ever since I was a young adult. It is a mentally demanding and a stressful process. After hundreds of telephone calls, years of research,  consulting with many attorneys, and mentors, I have finally discovered a method to dispute, defend, and exercise my rights to a good credit score. Credit effects everything you do from buying a cell phone to buying a car and investing in real estate. The stress it comes with can be detrimental to your overall well being!

These collection companies are inhumane and conduct business with no remorse. Many clients are innocent in their own matters but do not know the steps on how to defend themselves properly.

If you are suffering from bad credit or in debt with collection agencies, there are many loopholes and methods that can be used against the major bureaus especially if it is a medical bill!

Order my gig today and I will provide you all the necessary documentation and assist you with filing the proper paperwork against these corporations!

Please do not order my gig if you are trying to dispute "Court Restitution" for a crime that was committed.

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1 day delivery

Win against the creditors

Win against the collection agency, credit bureaus and file the proper paperwork to raise your FICO!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes your method different?
    NOT DIFFERENT! It is the same exact method that has been practiced by reputable attorneys and consulting agencies for decades! This line of business is very lucrative and they will not release information to the public when they can make a fortune from it. Expect to pay thousands outside of Fiverr!