I will help you craft the PERFECT elevator pitch

help you craft the PERFECT elevator pitch

About This Gig

Do you have an outstanding idea, project or proposal that will change the world but just can't seem to get the message across?

Do you struggle for words when people ask you about what you do.

My name is Ed, founder and owner of E-AM Research.

I have years of experience giving presentations and crafting pitches of all sorts.

In this gig, I will give you advice on what you need to craft the PERFECT pitch to sell your project.

An elevator pitch is a short 30-60 second description of your company, service, product, etc. It is meant to be used in "in-person" situations. In other words, when you'll only be getting one shot at getting someones attention and get them to do something before the go away forever. Again, this could be one-on-one at a networking event or it could be at seminar where you only get a few seconds to give your speech.

All you need to do is send me by email, your idea, project or proposal and I will send you the info you need to WOW people with your message.

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3 days delivery