I will make a WORKOUT plan for you

Great Job!!
Reviewed by healthb17 4 months ago
I found Bradley here on fiverr so I decided to send him a message. After a little chat he convinced me that he could help me get the body of my dreams. Now 1 month later Im on the right track and thanks to him I will never give up! He is my 24/7 coach and I would never had achieved this without his help. I highly recommend his gigs. Much love, Jess
Reviewed by jfashion 5 months ago
make a WORKOUT plan for you
make a WORKOUT plan for you
make a WORKOUT plan for you
make a WORKOUT plan for you

About This Gig

Lose 10 lbs in one month!


So far I have worked with over 100 clients and all had different starting points and goals.
I do not shy away from saying that I am a mastermind in my field and that I will have the perfect solution for you in my repertoire.


My clients work with my selfmade interactive database where I can check your progress and adjust requirements at any time so progression is time efficient. Do not expect a naive approach, because this is indeed a professional systematic and up to date coaching for people who take their progress and lives seriously.


The aspect that I am most proud of is that my clients make social and mental progress due to the professional approach in the coaching. I will teach you my 3-D's: discipline, diligence, determination. And this will reflect onto every day life and make you a more successful person overall. Be ready to become an overall efficient, smart and systematic person.

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