I will create a fully optimized youtube channel

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create a fully optimized youtube channel

About This Gig

We are professional video marketing consultants who really enjoy helping people maximize the power of video marketing. We have hundreds of optimized channels and tens of thousands of videos uploaded.

This experience has shown us that optimizing a "Channel" for ranking may be the toughest thing to do. So we set out several years ago to conquer the beast and we have! And as such, this very technical series of steps can all be completed for you with the BASIC GIG and the GIG EXTRA BELOW. Both are required at purchase for this GIG due to its detailed setup requirements.

We'll work with you to identify your best Keyword phrase and targeted geographic area and create your channel inclusive of:

  • YouTube Channel Header Graphic
  • Custom Profile Pic
  • About You Page Text
  • Add Your Main URL Link
  • Add Your Contact Email
  • Default Description for Ranking Future Video Uploads
  • Default Tags for Ranking Future Video Uploads
  • Set the Category
  • Create Advanced Keyword Back-end
  • Set Your Trailer Video - See GIG EXTRA

If you have a current Channel that you already have good content on and don't want a new channel, we'll go in and give it a quality optimization tweak for the same BASIC GIG and GIG EXTRA.