I will be your success coach for a day

be your success coach for a day
be your success coach for a day

About This Gig

Life's too short to waste and not realize one's true potential. My job is to help you realize your true potential and bring out the best in you. 

 I will:
  • Ask for you to open up with me via email and tell me your goals, aspirations, your routine, schedule and habits.
  • I will mentor you and provide a path for self-improvement.
  • I will provide a customized path to help you put your life back on track.
  • Will answer ONE additional email (if required) helping you with your addictions, anxieties and depressive thoughts. 
  • I'll offer sound practical advice you can start applying the moment you've read it.

Need more help? Want to be great? Read below...

I can be your daily accountability partner for $30 per day. I'll coach you and ensure you keep to your commitments, no holds barred! If you've got something to do, and you're unable to because your self-sabotaging brain tells you, you shouldn't? You tell your brain to shut the f**k up and hire me to steer you to success like a Spartan.

(The custom offer consists of daily emails to keep you on your track with all the counsel and help you need. The frequency of emails will be limited to once or twice daily.)

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